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Well Women Visits

Well Women Visits Questions and Answers

Well-woman visits are important for the ongoing health of all women. Often performed through a gynecologist or family doctor, at Medallus Urgent Care, we provide well-woman checkups to patients in Jamestown, ND. For more information, call us or book an online appointment.

Well Women Visits Near Me in Jamestown, ND
Well Women Visits Near Me in Jamestown, ND

Table of Contents:

What does a well-woman visit include?
What tests are included in well-woman visit?
What doctors should a woman see for a well-woman check-up?

What does a well-woman visit include?

It is important that women take care of themselves and get regular checkups, including a well-woman visit, in order to detect diseases in their early stages and promote an ongoing healthy lifestyle. A well-woman visit will consist of an exam, performed by a gynecologist, and focused on female reproductive health. This exam will consist of:

– A physical exam including checking all vital signs and your overall health
– A breast exam where your doctor will check your breasts for any lumps or irregularities. If you are unsure of how to do a breast self-exam, your doctor will also show you how to do it at home.
– A pelvic exam in which your doctor will check your reproductive organs for any signs of problems related to your reproductive system, including sexually transmitted diseases or early signs of cancer.
– A Pap smear test is completed during the pelvic exam portion of a well-woman visit. Your doctor will use a swab to gather cells from the cervix that will be sent to a lab and analyzed for the presence of precancerous cells.

Your doctor will let you know how frequently you should be having well-woman visits done, but they are typically recommended to be performed on an annual basis. At Medallus Urgent Care, we are able to perform well-woman visits on a walk-in, first-come, first serve basis to patients who don’t have a primary care physician or have an urgent concern that requires immediate medical attention.

What tests are included in well-woman visit?

Well-woman visits should be attended on a regular basis, typically once a year, for women of reproductive age to ensure that their reproductive organs are healthy and not showing any early signs of diseases. They are also done to check and monitor a woman’s overall health and well-being, as part of the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for women of all ages. A well-woman visit will involve the completion of specific tests used to check for the presence of diseases, ideally catching them in the early stages. A well-woman visit consists of:

– A physical exam to check the heart, lungs and other organs to ensure they are functioning properly and there is no pain or signs of issues.
– A breast exam to check for the presence of lumps or irregularities that could be a sign of breast cancer.
– A pelvic exam to check the reproductive organs for signs of cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, or any other issues with the reproductive system.
– A Pap smear to take a swab of the cervix to scan for the presence of precancerous cells.

Women will typically see their primary care physician or their gynecologist for a well-woman visit, but in the absence of either of those, she can go to urgent care such as Medallus Urgent Care. We provide well-woman visits on a walk-in basis, or you can book an appointment, to ensure that patients have access to the medical care they need.

What doctors should a woman see for a well-woman check-up?

Well-woman visits can be performed by several different disciplines of doctors, depending on their area of expertise. Family doctors, primary care physicians, and general practice doctors can all perform a well-woman check-up, in addition to a gynecologist. If you are unsure if a doctor can perform a well-woman check-up, don’t be afraid to ask. Some women may prefer to have a female perform the check-up, while other women don’t have a preference.

At Medallus Urgent Care, we have a team of doctors who are able to perform well woman checkups to ensure that our patients are able to receive the care they need in a timely manner. If you have a preference for the doctor you see for your check-up, feel free to give us a call and see about booking an appointment. Otherwise, you can walk in during our open hours for a well-woman check-up from one of our experienced doctors.

If you want to know more about well women visits, call us. We serve patients from Jamestown ND, Valley City ND, Devils Lake ND, West Fargo ND and Fargo ND.