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Occupational Health Clinic in Jamestown, ND

Occupational Health Clinic Q & A

Medallus Medical offers a full range of employers’ services in Jamestown, ND. For more information please call us. We serve patients from Jamestown ND, Valley City ND, Devils Lake ND, West Fargo ND and Fargo ND.

Workplace Health Medical Clinic in Jamestown, ND
Workplace Health Medical Clinic in Jamestown, ND

Medallus Employee Health Solutions

As a business owner, you can contract with Medallus to be the company clinic for your employees to provide convenient access to healthcare at affordable prices.

By having an employee clinic (near-site clinic) for $10/visit, your employees can receive urgent care and primary care services with little hesitation to not only stay healthy and miss work less, but also to reduce claims to health insurance plan that should help in controlling the company health insurance premium.

Biometric Screening

  • Onsite screening
  • Engagement platform
  • Repeat screening annually

Corporate Wellness

  • Health coaching
  • Employee engagement tool
  • Diet & exercise program

Employee Clinic

  • Access clinic for $10/visit
  • Reduce ER & hospital spend
  • Happy, healthy employees

Self-Funded Insurance Plan

  • Partially insured, self-funded
  • Compliant with Obamacare
  • Integrated $10/visit plan​

How to Promote Health, Decrease Costs, and Lower Premiums

A company’s healthcare costs increase due to unrestricted access to the typical network of hospitals and hospital-owned physicians who are incentivized to perform more procedures and order more referral to specialists.

One solution is to manage your employees’ health and needs by allowing Medallus to be your “gatekeeper” clinic for $10/visit, preventing simple needs from becoming large revenue sources for health systems. Additionally, screen all employees to detect early diseases and address them before they become manifested into expensive experience at major facilities.

Lastly, instead of paying premiums to a typical insurance plan and not have control of the funds, manage your own funds and direct all needs to your Medallus clinic through a self-funded plan with insurance coverage for major medical expenses. This allows high access at low costs to urgent care and primary care providers so employees can stay healthy with less claims, therefore lowering your insurance premiums.

Medallus Employee Nearsite Clinic

For Employees with No Health Insurance

  • Provide coverage for basic care
  • Take care of 90%+ of medical needs
  • Keep employees happy with you

For Part-Time Employees

  • Offer as a highly affordable benefit
  • Help retain good employees
  • Help avoid ERs and hospitals

For Employees with High Deductible

  • Set health insurance aside for catastrophe
  • No hesitation to stay healthy with $10/visit
  • Prevent and reduce unnecessary claims
  • Help lower company insurance premiums

Near-site Clinic Services

  • Functional Care
  • Wellness Center
  • Employee Health Promotion
  • Nutritional Health Education
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Lab Services
  • Diagnostics
  • Exam Rooms

Whether you suffer from an accident at work or outside of work or have a condition that’s prohibiting you from working up to your ability, we offer services to assist. Our occupational medicine clinic in Jamestown, ND works with patients to find a treatment plan to get them back to work. We at Medallus Urgent Care strive to help people get to work as soon as possible and even prevent issues in the future.

About Occupational Medicine

We offer occupational medicine, which is a specialized branch of healthcare that entails employment-related treatments. It consists of caring for you if you’ve been injured on the job. We also provide services that help you gain employment. Our staff received specialized training to work in this specialty, so each one of us has a thorough understanding employee and companies’ particular needs.

Employment Physicals

Before you even begin working, our occupational medicine clinic in Jamestown, ND can help you. In order to gain employment in many different industries, you must complete a physical that tests certain criteria like how much you can lift, how far you’re able to move your neck, and how long you can stand on your feet. The employment physicals ensure employees are physically capable of fulfilling the job responsibilities. Not only does this protect the prospective employer and guarantee they’re hiring an employee who’s capable of doing the job, but physicals also protect you the employee. You’re less likely to experience an injury on the job if you’re physically capable of performing your duties.

Pre-Employment Tests

Another pre-employment service Medallus Urgent Cares occupational medical clinic provides is drug screening. Many companies have stringent views on employee drug abuse since it can interfere with attendance and job performance. For this reason, some employers require drug testing. At Medallus Urgent Care, we want you to earn that position as soon as possible, so we offer drug testing services.

Treatment for Work-Related Injuries

One of the main occupational medical services we provide is treatment for work-related injuries. We help you recover from injuries that occur on the job or even other non-work-related injuries that hinder your ability work. We strive to assist individuals in getting back to work as soon as possible since we realize time is money. We also look at it from an employer’s prospect who needs employees who can work.

When you choose us as your medical group for your occupational injuries, you may save money when compared to standard occupational therapists.

One of the more common work-related injuries we treat is falls. Often, a fall on the job results in a strain or sprain. Some people experience broken extremities or back injuries. Another common work-related injury we frequently see at Medallus Urgent Care is lifting injuries, which could result in strains and sprains. You may develop tendinitis – a condition that occurs when a tendon becomes inflamed. We even assist individuals who have injuries as a result of repetitive movements associated with their job.

We may prescribe treatments like the following:

  • Wound care for cuts and lacerations
  • Casting for broken bones
  • Hot and cold therapy to relieve inflammation
  • Braces for arms and legs

Other Services

We help workers prevent injuries in the future. We provide them with education on the proper way to lift and ways to reduce repetitive stress injuries. Additionally, our clinic helps businesses provide education and keep their workers safe.

Schedule an appointment with Medallus Urgent Care, serving Jamestown, ND and the surrounding area, for treatment of work-related injuries as well as other work-related services by calling us at (701) 401-8496.